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Lit by lanterns and bleeding psychedelica. Both man and mouse. One shot whimsy to two tablespoons of backlash. The Future Sounds of Yesterday is an intriguingly victorious one-off, able to link arms like a chorus of Auld Lang Syne and then hurl itself off stage.

A piece of music that sounds as if it should accompany the trials and tribulations of a Balkan cowboy trapped in a space capsule with an opera singing Nosferatu.
An intriguing and wonderful listen, these looney tunes are well worth investing in.

A fine n' freaky debut; compositions of a bewildering but beguilingly hybrid nature.

Like the soundtrack to an Eastern European art house movie about mental dissolve, this is an uneasy but eminently intriguing ride.

A kaleidoscope of sounds and influences seemingly beamed into the speakers like some magnificent short wave radio broadcast.
This is the work of a very talented collage artist who has learned to synthesize the musical elements of his world into a pastiche that seems fully formed and delivered from another place and time. The Future Sound of Yesterday indeed.

An extraordinarily un-pin-downable, wibble-sound collage; it’s really quite marvellous - sounding very much like a spooky Marie Celeste-style merry-go-round.

Implosion Quintet should've been born a man-child in 1973, a time when it was acceptable to appear on stage as a goblin and make pretentious concept albums. Nutty and brilliant in equal measure.
DJ Magazine

A magnificent travelogue in sound and time.

An exciting, compelling listen that'll leave you slack-jawed in wonder.
Music Industry Today

A vast sound universe of schizophrenic tango, sudden stoner stomps, rough glitches, gypsy Kirmesmusik, The Lonesome Organist pt. II and other hot-cakes.
Lodown Magazine

A rather accomplished mix of operatic folk, gentle glitch, colourful prog flavours, easy on the ear textures, tunes and something that could (rather lazily) be called world music experiments.

An album that is very much the sum of its’ parts, that will reward and still intrigue with every listen.

An eclectic and exotic hybrid of bohemian jazz and electro. Kid Loco meets Pink Floyd.

From the off in ‘Jalopy Peppers’ where jazz breaks nestle next to operatic vocals and accordion driven folk, you realise that this won’t be a straight forward journey. A welcome break from the dreary mundanity that often fills the tasty mailbag.

Wheezing accordion, howling psychedelic rock, prog rock spaghetti western soundtrack, bullfights, Pink Floyd and European folk. It’s like 1960s exotica updated for a generation with miniscule attention spans.
Financial Times

(An) absorbing, dramatic, inventive, fun and fascinating whole. The self-deprecating Baker underplays how cohesive and musically rich it is – a real labour of love that never feels self-indulgent.
Yorkshire Evening Post

An unorthodox album that is very much an experimental and resourceful piece of work, (it) splashes together a rich cornucopia of instruments and styles into a jarring, paradoxical, inconsistent and spiky texture of melodies that combine into a smooth-ish current of music.

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