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Implosion Quintet is a pocket option promo code 100 studio project and as a result there is no live band. Other than the guest artists on the debut, everything is written, performed and produced by me. I’m self-taught in all respects so it’s been a very steep learning curve, particularly in regard to the minefield that is Production. The misleading moniker came about after listeners had assumed tentative early demos were the product of a band, something that quickly became a muse. The pretentious acronym is entirely coincidental.

The multi-genre https://pocketoption.in/pocket-option-100-bonus sound has developed organically over the years in an effort to remove perceived genre boundaries and just enjoy writing music. It has its roots in a love of many different musical styles and a modular method of composition with sections written separately over time.

I’ve been writing music since 1994 in some form or other, but IQ began in 2001, a lo-fi blend of latin-guitar and electronic elements put together with a Playstation. Despite such inauspicious beginnings, in 2005 some of this work caught indie label Cookshop's ear and the subsequent release prompted an investment in some proper tools. This sudden change in circumstances meant a major shift in style, with the https://www.pocketoption.in/pocket-option-100-bonus retrospective (free) release Werks compiling chosen tracks from the Playstation period. Several free EPs were released throughout 2006 and 2007, and summer 2009 saw Cookshop release the debut, The Future Sound of Yesterday to bemused but predominantly positive press.

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